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  Welcome to MyPitSelf

MyPitSelf© is a tool to write information system linked to databases. Its design allows the reverse-engineering of the programs

It is an information system like an other but instead of dealing with bank accounts, mails, websites, process ... it deals with programs and databases.

Like the other Systems, one can always think of a new function to implement, there is no limit.

And what allows a System to be able to evolve without limits is linked to the recursivity principle which says that by feed-back on all or a part of the initials elements, a small number of initial elements are enough to build an infinite serie of elements.

Reverse-ingenering is a recursive process. MyPitSelf is a possibility to implement programs with this principle.

Keeping this way of thinking, the first program written with MyPitSelf is MyPitSelf itself (it doesn't seem important but it is, really).

This principle is implemented with:
- A method to resolve the paradigme of the access to the data in database.
- A language which uses this method and which also allows to put the sentences as data and back.

A part of this documentation is not too technical ( see general presentation ), the other chapters are.

MyPitself uses MySql, Php, SVG, Apache, HTMLArea, linux, firefox, Win2K/XP/IE6/7, and last but not the least itself .

The name MyPitSelf comes from MySql, Php and itself

. . . .